Some cool free cam shots

I went onto solo yesterday and flew up to 35000 ft in a couple planes and got some cool wing views including the beloved far back wing view.

Some fog over the mountains (left side)

Some fog over the mountains (right side)

A330 wing view 1

A330 wing view 2.

Landing gear box

The beautiful Delta Tail Logo.

Hope you liked these! If you didn’t tell me how I can do better next time.


I love all the wing views! Great shots!

Great photos, I love the last one, and the Southwest wing views! My only tip would be to turn up your graphics when you go into replay mode, so the logos aren’t super pixilated.

Good screenshots, but the logos can be at least better.

nice shots! did you set the fog yourself in weather? for some reason the visibility never adjusts for me when I fly online, kind of annoying

Is the last one edited? Looks cool!

Was this taken in replay because if it wasnt then the aircraft would be moving and free cam would never be able to catch up

Yes the last one is edited.

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I was in replay.