Some cool facts about the 747 VC-25

I posted this on Aviation All stars, but I think it would be cool for other people to read, the planes have a very interesting background…so here goes.
Here are some VERY interesting facts about the 747 VC-25. The 747 VC-25 is not called “Air Force One” unless the president is on it. Also, secret service members had to be present 24/7 at the place that every single part was built. The company that built the nose of the plane was under guard by the secret service all the time, as with other parts. When it is called “Air Force One” it has as much security as a nuclear bomb. The plane can be refuelEd in air, giving it unlimited range. It is as tall as a six story building, and about as long as a city block, it can hold about 70 passengers and 26 crew, it’s electronics can withstand an electro magnetic blast, and it’s skeleton has been reinforced to withstand bullets. the presidential motorcade is take on an earlier flight with a military cargo plane. There are two of these in operation, and one is used sometimes as a decoy. I though those were some interesting facts, and hopefully you guys do too!image


Just like how nasa monitered everything for the space shuttles but then they stopped and now there blowing up

The space shuttles are out of service

What’s this got to do with VC-25s?

Lol…no clue…security maybe?