Some Complex Time

Hello IFC,
This afternoon I got to fly the Socata Trinidad that I posted about yesterday! Today was an absolute great day to fly and overall the flight was about 2 hours total and a sign off for my complex endorsement. We went over to Batesville (BVX) and did three landings there and then went back to my home airport KSRC! Here are a few pictures from the flight!


That cockpit looks seriously cool and unique to be in the air with. I’d love to take a flight in an aircraft having that style of cockpit.


It was unique and lots of fun but really well organized

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Yeah I’d agree it looks almost too simple. Kinda like a glider cockpit.

It’s a 70 style cockpit with original change

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Dang that cockpit looks very nice! Makes me want to start flight school even more!

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Should definitely go for it

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