Some close call shot from QRVA event

Aircraft: Airbus A350 (Qatari)
Flight Time: 04:40
Flight Number: QR557
Fuel Used: 21035kg

At VABB International Terminal Gate 17.

Quite chaos in the taxiway to runway 27.

Some shots while waiting…

Finally departed from VABB after waiting for a while.

Head toward OTHH with others

Shot from FL40 with Qatari197 Heavy at FL38

First close call at OMDB airspace. At this time the flight group has started to split in different directions following the instructions of the ATC.

Second close call with only 1nm separation from ATC. This is the time when people started to complain because of On Hold formation for a very long time. Some people have to divert because ran out of fuel while in formation.

Shot at 6000ft with Qatari 971 on final.

Final on OTHH Runway 16R

Touchdown Runway 16R with Qatari 787

At OTHH Concourse E Gate E41.

Overall experience is full with emotions! Fun, Exciting, Stressful, Nervous… It’s quite painful actually with the VERY LONG On Hold formation haha. But still, What an experience! Shoutout to QRVA and IFATC team for organising this event! Can’t wait for the next event…!


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