Some Casual Spotting @EIDW 27th September

Hello IFC. Here’s a few of my favourite shots from my spotting session a while ago which I have yet to share with you. Enjoy :)

Airport Operations Info

Departing runways: 28
Arriving Runways: 28


Canon 500D
55-250mm lens

1 // Firstly as I arrived this Irish Coast Guard Sikorsky S-92 (EI-ICG) was off in the distance arriving back into Dublin after a training flight!

2 // My first scheduled arrival was a Ryanair 737-800 (EI-EVH) raising the gear after takeoff.
IMG_2675 (2)

3 // An Aer Lingus A320 (EI-DVG) in the old livery.

4 // Next up we have a beautiful KLM 737-800 (PH-BXO) in the Skyteam livery!

5 // An Emirates 777-300ER (A6-ENZ) arriving from Dubai.

6 // A teeny tiny Blue Air 737-700 (YR-BMR) in an unusually plain white livery. If you’ve been keeping up with my previous topics you’ll know that their livery has a lot more blue to it so it was quite an interesting catch.

7 // An Aer Lingus Regional ATR72 (EI-FSK) operated by Stobart hence the plain white livery on some Aer Lingus Regional ATRs. One of my personal favourite aircraft.

8 // A Lufthansa CRJ900 (D-ACNK) from Munich in the new livery.

9 // An Air France Hop E190 (F-HBLA) from Paris.

10 // And to finish us off we have an Aer Lingus A330-300 (EI-GAJ) barreling down the runway bound for Chicago!

And that’s it! Let me know which was your favourite shot. Mine would have to be number 7 :)


Some great shots there @Ryan_Gibb, should get a cheap flight over to Manchester fantastic pub at the threshold of 23R for spotting. I do like no 7 also

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Great shots @Ryan_Gibb Emirates one is

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Nice photos!

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You have no idea how much I want to go to EIDW for some spotting

Those pictures are fantastic!

EIDW spotting in the past months has gotten so much better!

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At least it isn’t Eurowhite!

Nice pictures, love the Irish Coast Guard Helicopter!

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Mine was number 8! Beautiful plane and going to Chicago!!

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Amazing photos!

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Great shots! If only england had that good weather

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Excellent shots Ryan! Will you defy the restrictions to go spotting in level 5?

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i saw the 2 words “casual server” so much that i thought that the title was referring to it… i’m too obsessed with IF…

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Thanks mate :) I’ll be sure to check it out and see what’s up once COVID is over. Just a quick hop over the Irish Sea!



Haha thanks mate. I promise you it isn’t the best we just have a lot of spotters here at Dublin. Would love to head over to Heathrow or JFK some day to go spotting!

Haha thanks mate :)

I do love a good ole A330 also. Shame the livery isn’t in Infinite Flight.

Thanks Tristan :)

Haha it’s not usually like this but thanks!

Thanks mate. I guess you’ll have to wait and see 👀

Lol. I think you need to take a break for a while 😂


Brilliant shots Ryan 👍

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yea… i’m just gonna go back to forza motorsport 4

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Very nice shots.

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Thanks guys :)

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Amazing shots Ryan 👌 beautiful 😍

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Thanks Gary :) appreciate it ❤️

Damn love this one. Great shots as per usual Ryan! Shame with the lockdown your not able to go to the airport

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Thanks mate 😁

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