Some Casual Fun!

Today there were some issues with the Training and Expert Servers. This gave all of us Grade 2 or above to have some fun on Casual. No violations. No ghosting.

Today I flew from MDPC - MKJP on Casual. I flew a FedEx MD 11F for this flight (With some help)

Me next to a Island Air Dash 8 Q400:

Getting Some Escort Help:



You should have broken the sound barrier just for fun :)

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Where were you with the MD11 FedEx ‘cause I think the F-22 on pictures is me… I escorted an MD11 above water just like that… Text me back and I’ll send you my screenshots that I made

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@IFCaptainNore really!? I was flying to MKJP. I think I saw the F-22 takeoff from MKJP.
Send the screenshots. my callsign was FedEx 2007 Heavy.

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Don’t remember callsigns :( but wait a minute

Nice shot !!!

Oh no it wasn’t you cause I was flying the F-16C … I’m very disappointed


@IFCaptainNore shoot…
you could escort me when I fly tomorrow?
I’ll PM you the INFO if you’d like?

Sorry I can’t because tomorrow I have to go to school but across next week probably… For now we can just keep in touch! My Instagram is @infiniteflightfranceofficial

Ok. I’ll be flying next week. I acctually have an event on APR 20.