Some bug with Boarding gates at CYYZ airport gates

I am about to fly to my city from Toronto with A350-900 and Boeing 777-200LR, I choose the appropriate gate,

then I noticed that, the boarding bridge isn’t connected to door, instead the boarding stairs are connected.

Letting you know, in case it is bug.

This same issue is happening here too…


Thank you for this report. I will fix the jetbridge issue at CYYZ and it should be released by the next update. Can you please provide the gate you spawned at so the correction can be made?

Thank you!


It is not specific gates unfortunately. Seems like every gates have this issue. Sorry 🥲


I’ve flown out of and checked through many of the gates with the 777-200LR and the jetbridges seem to be working fine. Could you provide the gate you spawned at? It makes fixing the issue a lot easier and quicker.

Thank you!

Okay, here’s gates, I did spawned,

B14, B15, C30, C30A, C33, C33A, C34, C34A and C35.

Those gates I spawned to get broading bridge work. It didn’t 🥲



Topic was linked to scenery editing category topic. Thanks for the help all!