Some Bell 212 Action

Here’s some shots of our two Bell 212’s based in Alaska

Undisclosed Location Alaska.

Anchorage Alaska Location.



These helicopters combined with the beautiful sky makes the pictures look amazing!

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Can’t go wrong with a Bell 212. Or any Hueys!

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The sunset just suits the helicopter so much its perfect

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Nice shots as always.

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Thank you! It’s fun get shots of these guys!

It makes great picture’s pretty well!

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I’m glad you enjoy getting the shots! We sure enjoy viewing them on this end. Keep up the good work!

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Gotta get some more people to fall in love with the best type of machines to fly ;)

lovely pics of a lovely aircraft Mark!

we need Helicopters in IF… (whishful thinking!)

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Nice shots ! Are You only certified on one specific type or several ? If so, which one ?👌🏽

Mark I think you are a really great photographer you take some of the best photos on here I always look forward to seeing your pictures because they are so great

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Completely agree we need rotors!

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I don’t have any helicopter Type ratings yet!
(Hopefully real soon that will change possibly going to the heavy lifter world)

But so far I have time in the R22/R44, Bell 212, Bell 412, AS350B3, Bell 206L3. Most of my time is in the R22/R44 and the 212/412 series.

Why thank you Michael!

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