Some behaviour at expert server

Im currently extremely pissed!
Its the 01:42 in the Night here in Germany and I just wanted to start a Night Flight so I can sleep now but my head is exploding because of this player 😤🤦🏽‍♂️

So I was taxing to Runway 13R at KJFK at 15 knots ground speed extremely chill preparing for my takeoff.
There was no one in front of me or on the runway and I was changing to The Tower frequency as I suddenly heard some Engines on trust reverse.
I got out of the cockpit view and looked behind me.
There was a Lufthansa b747 with the callsign “Lufthansa 380”.
He was just behind me with no distance! He was reversing because he was to fast. After following me on the taxiway for some seconds he decided to change the line and taxied through gras to the other line.
I was really really annoyed from this already and literally thought how I could make the ATC attentive by giving him a atc call like standby or something just that he looks more to me on the map so he could see the other player who taxied with 35 - 40 notes just next to me and give him a call!!❌
Meanwhile we were already at the Takeoff section from 13R and I had my Take off clearance for some minutes already as he was cutting me off.

So I wanted to use some more runway because I was really heavy (112TONS) but he was holding short just where I wanted to line up and take off

So I had to use the next one to line up and had to taxi around of him. The ATC used this Time to give HIM a takeoff clearance and he took off and said “Thank you”

I know that he can do that and this isn’t a reason for a violation. I also don’t criticise the ATC (he did a good job) but I just ask;
Is this the only way?! It was on Expert Server and this situation was just extremely unprofessional.
I just got pissed from this. Im currently got down from this 🥱😐 but I’m still at my opinion.

This guy has 80 hours of flight Time and no username so I am not able to contact him.

There isn’t much to say about this if you read this, I just wanted to tell this.

Good night and stay blessed!

Calu ✌

Ps: If you have any questions to this, reply ☺

Pss: I will not contact the appeal Team or some1. I respect this Guy that he is really new at the expert server so I will not complain much about this really.
I just told The story but I will not do more about this 😄



The same thing happened to me two days ago and the only thing you can do is inform the controller that I was on the ground, and if not as a last option you can contact a moderator and inform him about the situation.

I hope you have a good night flight!

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Hey Thank you very much for the comment.
I would do that, but in this case this guy didn’t do really much wrong and I dont think mods will do much about this.

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You are right aside from mods have a lot of work to have to deal with these attitudes.

At least this game has a very good community and except for very few people will try to make it as realistic as possible.

For the next one you will see how you take it to laugh.

See you in heaven!

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Hi there,

If you have a concern about a controllers awareness in not catching your ground conflict, please do reach out to at least the controller. Let them know of the situation and see if you get a response. (You should get one.) Feedback and discussion about certain instances are a vital way to improving ATC service on the expert server- so make sure to make at least the controller aware of the situation.

Mods are also here for these reasons. Not saying this warrants a mod to look over this, but if something goes seriously wrong during an ATC session, feel free to reach out to the mod team with any questions or concerns so they can look things over. Again, if issues aren’t brought to light, they will continue to happen.

Hope this helps

I see that your upset, and if this happens to me I would also feel the same way. But your intentions doesn’t make sense. You say you respect this guy, will not contact the controller for any appeals, and you even said you know this isn’t something against the rules. No offense, then why did you make this thread? I think you should clarify the intentions for this thread. The words somehow seems like you want subsequent actions to be done, but then you say you don’t want anything. That’s the part it doesn’t make sense. Like you said this above,

I don’t think these kind of threads do help you come through the situation either. If you at least want to make the ATC team aware of this happening, I think you should contact the controller for better experiences next flight. Of course the situation you experienced is a very unpleasant experience. I’ve also been through it. But going through situations like this doesn’t seem professional either. Just my opinion, there’s nothing offensive. Sorry if I made you feel worse.

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I’m not going to speak for the controller on this side but two things to think about if I may.

  1. We as controllers really cannot control a situation like this (other than a give way maybe). It seems like they wanted to get out quicker than you and they did. Obviously they hold short in your way which sucks, but they are holding short and that is what matters. Obviously you aren’t in as much as a hurry as they are…

Looks to me as if you go off the taxi way here, or don’t follow the taxi line. 😉

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I know you deleted this and I appreciate it cause that isn’t needed nor helps this discussion. He has a story to tell and wants to know why this isn’t a violation.


Yeah i didkt follow it because this guy was standing in my way. He just cut me off there…
I also said that I dont complicate about the player and ATC especially the ATC did all right but this scene was just 😫😫😫


I meanwhile think that my topic is really unnecessary 😅🤥 So I will delete it.

But thank you very much for commenting ☺

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Hope you have a better flight next time :)

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Happy to give an insight on how ATC see it!

Thank you very much ☺🤜🏼🤛🏼

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Hey! Thank you for the message.
But I dont will do anything in this case.
This guy was really new on the expert server and even on infinite flight so I totally respect that :)

Hey no problem 😊
I also know that my text doesn’t make some sense at some points but this is from some reasons:

  • I writeed this text for 25 minutes and was pissed, but was calming down from minute to minute and that made this Text a little mix 😅

  • I have some speek barriers my English isn’t the best 😅😬

But im keeping my real opinion now that I will not do anything against this player in this Case 😇

Have a good day/Night


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Apologies for the inconvenience. Sweet dreams! 🛌