Some Awesome Edits

Hello! I was sitting in my room bored when I was thinking…“Hmm, maybe let’s edit some dull Infinite Flight photos and maybe get into the hang of editing”.
I got up and started editing some photos with an app called Picsart. Let see some of this!
First off, we have a Viva Aerobús landing in Havana, Cuba

Second, we have a Alaska Airlines E175 cruising by a mountain

Last but not least, we have a window view of another E175 Aeromexico Express taking and zooming out of Mexico City

I honestly want your honest feedback of my edits and I will drop down a poll so I can see which one did yall like the most! (NOTE: I will do more edits!)

Which one did yall like?
  • Viva Aerobús Edit 🔴
  • Aeromexico Express Edit 🔵
  • Alaska Airlines Edit 🟢
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Hope yall like it! 🙂


I’m between the Aeromexico and Alaska one


Yeah, I can see why 🙂👍

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Hi, great shots but you can improve.
First, i think you tried recreating the air of the engines with the blur right? Try to imrove that somehow, great idea though.
Second, in your last pic, try to use that shake effect, or whatever effect this is, not that hard.
Third, try to lower your brightness in the second pic, its too bright :)

Dont take this negatively or smt, its just my feedback.
Take a look at my posts and maybe try to get inspiration or smt. Im also not the best at editing pics and i also dont believe that, but im tryign my best.

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1st: I am keeping the idea of the air no matter what 🙂
2nd: I did use it: Motion Shake
3rd: I could tell, I thought people were going to give it a bad rating and I expected that but no, that’s the one that they say that it is the best. 😳

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Got some More!

Ok, I did my best on these ones and tried my best to edit very good. So which one is the best?

Which one? 🙂
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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
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Beautiful pic edits there!

They all look great :)

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Thank you! :)

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Yeah, of course keep that with the air, thats great. And i saw in your second badge of pics, that you could improve that. The American Airlines pic, gotta say thats greattt!

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I saw the AA A321 in the preview and already knew it was fire 🔥🔥