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-What is Touch and Goes ?
-What is the difference between ILS and GPS approach ?

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When you do a normal approach, instead of stopping you continue and make a takeoff (used to practise multiple takeoffs and landings)

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  • A Touch and Go is when you land on the runway and then take off again. This can be used to earn XP or for fun. If you request 'Touch and Go" to ATC then you will be “Cleared for the Option” which means you have the option to land, or perform a touch and go, or a low pass when you can fly low over the runway.

  • ILS (Instrument Landing System) guides you towards the runway but accounts for terrain in the way, for example it will not direct you into a mountain infant of the runway. GPS Approaches are just a guidance and do not account for terrain so take caution of your surroundings in low visibility when using GPS approaches :)

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  1. A touch and go is essentially a normal approach and landing, but instead of slowing right down on the runway, you instead accelerate and take off again. So basically, you touch the runway and go by taking off again.

  2. In IF, the only difference is with ILS you are guaranteed not to hit any terrain on your approach, whereas with GPS they are automatically put in, and so following them may rarely lead you into terrain.

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