Some ATC needs to practice restraint

So I am not sure if this has been addressed before. I tried looking but could not come across anything. Anyways, some ATC controllers need to practice some level of respect and restraint when they are in control. Many of times we are not within radio range of approach and then you are blasted with the message to contact Approach. Not once, nor twice, there have been times I was repeatedly sent the message consistently over and over until I finally reached airspace where I could respond. Once for over 5 minutes repeatedly being sent that message. Another thing some ATC do is guide you on to the a runway with heavy traffic while there are plenty of other runways not being used. For example LAX. Runways 24L and 24R are hardly ever used. Yet ATC will guide you onto 25R and 25L where almost everyone uses for takeoff and landing. And if you continue to request for the open runways they tell you to follow ATC instructions or you will get in trouble. Really? I mean there has to be a button or something we can respond back to to say hey I’m not in range or their instructions are not feasible. It is very annoying to have the same person running Approach, Departure, and Tower. And if you don’t comply with one of their unreasonable demands they use that leverage to blast you on your game with ridiculous instructions just to annoy you. Is there a way to report them? I mean I love this game but I don’t want to be reported for not following instructions because I chose to ignore someone who is acting like a child. I have played this game almost since it’s birth, and I enjoy it. And I try to follow real life flight mode. Meaning I will go around if someone decides to cut me off while I’m in on a final, give way to fellow aircraft in taxi and in the air, and so forth. So if I can practice the respect with my fellow gamers with or without ATC, then I would appreciate ATC doing the same thing. Again, it’s the constant sending the same message over and over that’s annoying. And again asking you to do some unreasonable things. Like maintain 7000 until final? Or drop from 20k to 3000 ft and not exceed 200 knots (in a unrealistic short manner of time). I don’t know what to do or how to report someone in ATC. I’m not trying to get someone kicked off or in trouble, but I will not be bullied either because someone has more buttons to express their ignorance rather then be reasonable. Anyone PLEASE, some helpful advice??!!


Best helpful advice is, keep flying and get your Grade to at least Grade 3 and then come have a more enjoyable experience on the Expert Server. It’s a world of difference when compared to the Training Server since the airports are staffed by IFATC.


This is the reason why I’m assuming you are referencing the Training Server. If you are in fact referencing your experience on the Expert Server, I would highly recommend reaching out to an ATC Supervisor or ATC Moderator. Expert Server controllers are not trained to give such instructions and expect such a drastic descent in short fashion.


Thank you. I’m a level 3 and just 3 landings away from 4. I will do expert because it’s just very annoying to be harassed when all you are trying to do is have a fun joyful experience on the game. Again thank you for that advice and I will definitely follow through with it!


That’s awesome news! I’ll speak for everyone on Expert Server, we can’t wait to have you! Get those landings in ASAP 👏


Your explanation is the exact reason I went to IFATC and stopped using the training server. Best decision I ever made. In the expert server you’ll find highly trained controllers who won’t annoy the heck out of you 500nm out.


ah the training server ://


its only ever good for takeoffs because the airports have more variety in whats open. i personally will only take off at atc airports on the training server and then land at unicom airports so as you said i dont get harrased


Now with the region change, I believe expert will have much more staffing than the training server. And way more highly trained too.


“Give way to Aircraft while in the air” kinda made me chuckle there.

But anyway like others said, flying in Expert server you’ll get higher quality of atc and traffic.
Also we gotta give Users in training server a benefit of doubt because they are learning the ropes to hopefully join the Expert Server when they ready and qualified.

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I agree with this
A few minutes ago I was on approch from Sochi on an Aeroflot 777. The other aircraft was way wing I’m on final, etc… And the ATC said Roger, but when I said it, the Atc said, please don’t make me report you. This is why I agree with this. And the ATC really don’t have patience.

BTW it was IFATC on Expert server

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Grade 3 allows access to expert server, you could have been flying on it already…


Hello, first of all I’m sorry for the Inconvenience you are experiencing, But I need you first to specify on which server you are going through this , As @Levet said instructing to descend from 20K to 3K is highly unlikely to be issued by an IFATC member on the expert server, but then you continue to say that they “threaten” to report you if you dont follow instructions where in the Training server its simply impossible to report.

Lets say this is on the Training server (Hopefully it is) , you should then start flying on the Expert server upon meeting the specified requirements, but you are already Gr3 so I dont see why you aren’t on the Expert Server already.

But if it is on the Expert Server, We might have some problems here , first of all I would like to point out

that, it is not everyone that has the ability to control those 3 frequencies at the same times except , supervisors , recruiters and moderators (Who are IFATC) and they are a very highly experienced controllers.

And if it is really on the expert server I suggest contacting the Controller via PM first , if you find it unhelpful you can then contact a supervisor for help.

Thank you , I hope this clears something and you find it helpful, If you have more questions dont hesitate to ask I will be more than happy to answer, cheers!!

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I agree. I’ve gotten taxi instructions that involved passing just outside the threshold of a runway (not actually entering the runway). First time I taxied by and got a violation for crossing an active runway without permission. Another time, same scenario, so I asked for permission, and was told I was already given taxi instructions. This is on the expert server. 98% of the time ATC is great, the other 2% seem to be just a bit petty.

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Thank you for the reply and I have since switched to Expert. I was on the Training server because I will be honest, the Expert server seemed very intimidating. But since the switch I have enjoyed it so far. Everyone for the most part seem very mindful and YES!!!, ATC is so much different. I did not know that you couldn’t get in trouble in Training. But they would say you could be ghosted and that to me sounded like being banned or suspended from the game. I don’t come in the community chat very often. I just like to play and have fun. But that harassment was just too much. Too the point it drove me here to find a solution. Again I thank you all for the help for it is very much appreciated.


I’m guessing is training server

In such litigious situation, if you really feel like the ATC was at fault, don’t forget that you’re completely allowed to contact the IFATC Appeals team to contest your violation.

I agree with you, it’s happened to me several times on the expert server. On the last occasion the ATC guided me onto the the localiser too high and too fast that when I engaged APPR it didn’t work. As I tried to set parameters conducive to being able to land I was reported for not following instructions. ATCs wield a lot of power and with that should come a lot of patience and consideration.

“Too fast” : unless they gave you speed restrictions - that are most likely due to traffic regulation and avoidance - and forgot to tell you that you could fly as low or high as you want, you’re the one who’s responsible for your aircraft speed.

Thanks for chipping in, I was narrating what I experienced. We all make mistakes including ATC.

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