Some aircraft show up as unknown

I’ve noticed it a few times now as ATC. The person can send request, but it pops up on my screen as unknown and I can’t respond to him. Any ideas?


Usually happens when the user themselves is having a network issue, where their information doesn’t completely transmit to the server. I experience it myself as an Advanced Controller. Sometimes they disappear and come back as to where you can communicate with them. Other times they’ll rage quit or loose connection completely. It’s just something you’ll have to work around.


Yup. Already encountered that too. I have some pictures if needed. @jasonrosewell is also having issues with that tonight

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As Clement, it happens to pretty much all controllers once they do it long enough. It’s really a when, not if, but they occur rarely which is nice

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You sure that’s only a connection issue problem?

Not 100%, but I’ve been in what I believe was that situation. I joined on, couldn’t get a response from the controller, then logged off, came back, and it worked. I’d be happy to know what it really is if I’m wrong, but as far as I know, it’s that


Also, to add onto that, if the aircraft is under that situation, viewing the aircraft’s tag, I believe it says Network Issues with a darker orange tag now, if I’m not mistaken

Alright, might be, haven’t investigated much in that case, as an ATCO I was just acting if it was a 7600 in real life… Thanks Tish :)

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I figured it had something to do with their connections, but I figured I would check. Thanks for the reply

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I’ve encountered this issue before multiple times. While controlling at EGBB and EHAM it happened both times in the past. I have dealt with a complaint from someone who was an unknown aircraft… so now if this happenes to me, I just quit my session immediately.

I have encountered that just a minute ago.

Restart session and you can respond to “Unknown” ;D
(if you not busy)

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