Some aircraft divert and others don't?

I was recently on a Ryanair flight back from ACE/GCCR (Arrecife) to BRS (Bristol) and we got diverted to Birmingham due to very bad visibility however another Ryanair flight after us did not and the weather didn’t improve but it actually got worse. Why is this? Is it the pilot?

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Well, I’m not sure. I guess it could be the pilot. Are you sure the other flight didn’t divert also?

No it definitely landed. I guess it’s down to the pilot.

Could also be down to fuel. If you had enough fuel to get to EGBB it would have probably been the safer option so the pilot did. On the other flight they may have not had the luxury of so much fuel so had to land regardless of condition.

Hope that helps :)


Flights to Bristol regularly get diverted or cancelled due to weather, I think the weather probably cleared up after. PS I live ten minutes away :)

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Oh yes I know that. Our flights lately have been quite eventful. The pilot made 2 go arounds on our flight to ACE.

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That’s not how that works at all. Every flight, especially one headed towards bad weather has to have enough fuel to reach a suitable alternate plus i believe another 45 minutes worth of emergency reserve fuel. In fact the plane with the most fuel is in the best shape due to being able to enter a holding pattern waiting on conditions to go above minimums. Also a diversion could be based on the pilot/FO not being qualified to operate in those conditions, it could be an MEL that prohibits landing in those conditions or the plane itself. Also different airplanes have different limits to what the plane can land in.


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