Some Air Traffic Controllers Trolling Pilots

If you can’t solve the problem in a PM dialogue directly with the controller, ask a supervisor to join the conversation, like @anon66442947


I always wondered who that was. There was a couple days when I kept running into him as Corporate 211 when I was flying…thought he was following me…haha

Do you happen to have a screenshot of the incident ?

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I’m not out to get him, plus he seems to be well-respected in this community. I’m just disappointed by his lack of professionalism and care with this matter.

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Are you asking me?

Yes regarding whatever complaint you may have

Yes, I will add you to the conversation I already have on it.

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I tried to tag you in the conversation. Not sure if I did it properly, though.

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You were not ghosted improperly and I’m not being defensive. I gave you the reason why you were ghosted and you disagree. That doesn’t make it wrong.


The problem has already been handled. Thank you, Joe.

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