Some African A330’s

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Today’s topic is a bit of a special one. Some of you may know @Infinite_Qantas, one of my friends who recently stopped screenshotting. The other day, we did a formation with the A330, including the Rwandair and South African liveries. Once said formation was completed, he brought up the idea of a collab, meaning we edit each others photos. The photos you’re seeing were taken by someone, then edited by the other person. See if you can guess who edited each set 👀

Flight Deets

Route: HRYR - Ground
Aircraft: A330-300
Server: Expert

Section One

The Rwandair A330 lifting off out of Kigali 🌙

Soaring above Africa ✈️

The beautiful aircraft from beneath 🥰

Section Two

The magnificent Rwandair A330 as seen from the SA wing 🇷🇼

Both aircraft in a bank over the savanna 🌅

Another magnificent view 🇷🇼🇿🇦

That is all folks, I hope you enjoyed! Did you have a favorite photo? Let us know! Thanks for stopping by :)

Who took and edited which photos?
  • IQ took the first set, Av108 edited them
  • Av108 took the first set, IQ edited them

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Wow, these photos are unreal, great work.


Thanks! 😊

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Holy macarel these are good! You keep just getting better! You hold too much power…

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Half are @Infinite_Qantas’s though 😅


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MOmmy Mommy look we’re gonna die

Love this shot tho

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Great Pics!

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Wow! These are incredible! Everyday I get surprised by what people can do.

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65% of you were right, I took the first set of photos, and @Infinite_Qantas edited them :)

3rd photo is so spectacular !! Can’t really know who edit what, but the topic is great! Thanks for sharing😁

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I’m glad you like them!

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Wow, just amazing!


Love all the photos of the rwandair flights! I love that airline, we need another Kigali Flyout and this time featured @MANDELA!!


Maybe in the future! XD

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Imagine adding egyptair

Bruh 3 years later…

Thank you very much :)

Nice to see some compliments after being so inactive haha

Haha, no problem. I honestly thought this was a new topic 🤣

These pictures are so good!
Very nice topic!