Some advices for me

I have a question about a program
What is the solution when, I put my phone in flight mode and after a while when i arrive landing is approaching, a map will disappeared withn me and I cannot land the plane
why ?

I think I know what you mean, the hud will disappear after you don’t touch the screen For a few seconds, if you tap the screen, it will come back again

When I said my phone is in flight mode, I don’t mean flight mode, that is, I cut off the internet connection … rather, I meant my plane, which I am still in the sky

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Kind of, that’s what I mean… lol

Go into settings on IF and see what your interface time-out is at

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I’ll try it but my phone now On flight, waiting a few minutes for landed at Muscat Airport

You can still look at it in flight

i can’t … how?

Go to the pause menu, and on the top left corner of the screen, you will see a little gear icon. Click that and you will go to the settings menu. Your flight will still continue as normal.


thank you very much bro…

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