Some A350 shots

Hey IFC. I’ve got some photos from my recent flight with the A350

Route is EHAM-KATL
Flight time was 9 hours and 8 minutes

  • Every photo except one of them is edited
    Time may very I change the time to what I like the best for the screenshots

Here they are

Here I am sitting at the gate in Amsterdam

Now rotating into the skies

We got a front view of our aircraft as it zooms into the unknown

A wing view because why not

Every screenshots and videos topic is not a screenshots and videos topic without a moonshot

This photo is not edited

Then lastly we have a landing picture

Thanks for viewing the topic let me know how I did!.


I love it, it is amazing 🤩

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Loved those moonshots!

no one saw it in #general


Yeah I was confused I put it in the screenshots and topics category and like I posted it and it showed no category just there and I was like what.


I love these two, really nice job, keep up the great work!


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