Some A350 Moonshots!

Seems like it’s a recent trend with using the A350 in moonshots. Definitely can’t argue with that, the sleek, slender body and winglets make for a beautiful combination with the moon. So yeah, I thought I’ll do a few photos my self.

Background: All photos were taken on solo mode, the first 2 were taken near SFO(San Francisco)the 3rd photo at ATL(Atlanta), and the other 2 near HND(Tokyo). Now lets get to the photos!

Edited using Pixelmator and Snapseed.

Notice: When using these photos contact me and get my permission first. Please credit me if you are to use these photos in any way, thank you.

Photo 1

The A350 in the IF livery taking off from SFO! Definitely gorgeous on her.

Photo 2

A French Bee A350 heading to Paris after departing from 28L.

Photo 3

A Delta A350 departing for Tokyo. It’s definitely one of my favorite liveries in the app.

Photo 4

A JAL A350 departing Tokyo, as the land of the rising sun, why not also be the land of the rising moon?

Photo 5

The last photo for now. I think the new United livery looks great on the A350, can’t wait to see them in real life in 7 years!

Which photo was your favorite?

  • Infinite Flight A350 (photo 1)
  • French Bee A350 (photo 2)
  • Delta A350 (photo 3)
  • Japan Airlines A350 (photo 4)
  • United A350 (photo 5)

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Thanks for looking at my photos, I have a video I’m making right now, which I hope can be posted by January!


IF livery = 😍

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The first picture looks so beautiful 😍


I actually can’t vote. But it would be between 1,2 or 3… Amazing picture, for real !!!

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The first one 😍

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What beautiful pics !! The first one is defintively my favorite. How can you see such a big moon ? In my flight it looks like a star a little bit larger and brighter haha

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Gr8 photos man…which software do you use??

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Pixelmator and Google Snapseed. Pixelmator is absolutely awesome, well worth the price.

First one got me 👌🏼😉

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