Some A321's

What are the odds of seeing any of these A321:

The original US Airways A321…I mean come on, I loved that plane in this game before Airbuses were cool! I have more hours flown on that thing than any other plane in this game…Now it’s gone. I haven’t been able to let it go, I’m still not over it.

Avianca El Salvador or TACA?



Please! I’d choose these over the 787 and global flight…just saying!


Don’t forget BA & JetBlue


It’s hard to ask for just one type in BA colors, anything looks good in BA colors. My personal favorite the 757!

Please post liveries one by one.


I was a big Boeing fan growing up in the Pacific Northwest flying on Alaska, then I moved to AZ where I learned to love US Airways and Airbus haha

These were requested already…

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Spirit in the ugly yellow?

TACA or Avianca?

You can still post about TACA (Avianca El Salvador). For the next time request the liveries separatedly, and try also to not spam the forum.

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Best looking A321 livery in my opinion!

We both know that’s not true…


Regional flight would be nice, but I don’t need the whole world. I’m good for about 2-3 hours gate to gate.

How could you not want the 787?!
It’s going to be the best aircraft in the game!

Avianca, British Airways, Airfrance … the only carries which operate all 4 variants of the a320 family.

The wing flex, they got me there. I’m a 767 guy.

LAN operated the four variants too. Though they took out from service their A318s not long ago.

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