Some 757 Photos

Howdy all! The fantastic update is upon us, so here are some photos from 3 of my many 757 flights. This bird is amazing!

All of these photos were taken on the expert server.

SEQM (Quito) - KMIA (Miami)
American Airlines

Departing Quito


Climbing over the foggy mountains


Final approach for runway 09 at Miami. Parallel with a Delta 737!

LFMN (Nice) - KEWR (Newark)
La Compagnie

Rocketing out of Nice


On final for runway 04R at Newark

GOOY (Dakar) - GVAC (Cape Verde)
Cabo Verde

Climbing out of Dakar while @ToasterStroodie waits to back taxi

Thanks for checking out my photos y’all! This aircraft is absolutely stunning and is easily my new favorite in IF


Wow, these are some amazing photos!

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Second picture looks great man.


My favorite, absolutely stunning with the gear tilt! Nice pictures, Will!


I love that cockpit view…and 2nd shot is amazing


Amazing shots! How did you get access to the 757?


Yeah we need everything reworked asap but also as detailed and realistic as possible

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wait we are allowed now to show pics of the 757 like the liverys that have not even been leaked

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La Compagnie and Cabo Verde’s photos are just INSANE !
We need to see more often photos like these haha

@anon36354988 look ;)


OH woooooww !!! @Aurel Thank you so much for tagging me 🔥🔥
I’m so happy to see everyone using the Cabo Verde livery ;) and the B757 !
Others pics so cool as well.

@Cv_Wilson Look at this bro ! 🇨🇻🇨🇻🇨🇻🇨🇻


Awesome shots, Will! Can’t wait to do some more cool flights with ya over the winter and see some more cool photos!

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I know google is experiencing some issues right now, but when the issues are resolved, I can’t wait to fly this beautiful bird

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For me, the 75 is too powerful. I’m on 15 degrees of flaps at medium payload, and I’m already doing about 220kts before on climb out. My throttle is set about 80% as well!!! :(

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Guess why the 757 is called “The Rocket of Seattle”…


its still stupidly OP. idk why. maybe cause its pre release?

Just search idk “757 Rocket” and you’ll see. It IS an overpowered bird

probs cause of the RR

Delta has PW

I was given mod permission to post photos since the update was temporarily released this morning.

oh ok well I just confirmed my Livery on my topic of Air China on my feature request and I don’t think I was supposed to do that but I did because everyone else was posting 757 pics so