Some 3D Models Not Spawning

Hi, I I have big problem. Whenever I spawn in at any 3D airport (21.1 onwards), the main buildings spawn, but only in really low quality. Small items such as fuel trucks and jet bridges don’t exist. Here are some photos to back this up.


Gibraltar (21.3)

Just showing this happening in replay mode as well

And at

Heathrow (21.1)

If anyone wants to know, I am using an iPad mini 4 (2018) and running the latest 21.3 update.


Have you tried restarting the app, or clear the cache?

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This happens from time to time, and should be noted.

Best thing to do as of now is restarting the app, if that doesn’t work restart your device.

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This happens since the previous ⬅️ update

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We’re still looking into the cause of this specific issue and we’ll fix is as soon as we are able. Sorry about the issue!


Thank you everyone!

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