I am thinking of getting pocket wifi to be able to fly on IF without any trouble. Would 5 GB/month be enough? Would I need more?

How much per month would be recommended to fly “infinitely” without exceeding the monthly internet data limit?


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There’s no straight answer to that.
It all depends on how much you fly, where you fly, how dense the traffic is in the areas you fly etc etc.

Regular usage should not be an issue with 5GB though.


I use 6 GB / month and its fine enough. But, if you constantly fly long hauls and probably flying above the satellite imagery area it would consumes a bit more than like flying above ocean or open seas


For about 30 hours flight time per month, I use roughly 3GB of data (Wifi) as measured by my phone for IF. Should be similar with cellular.


For me 4.6 GB a month is how much I use.

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