[Solved] Wrong glideslope at TNCM 28

You must know that the APPR (Approach Mode) (Also known as AutoLand) sets altitude according to the glideslope. In TNCM runway 26, the glideslope leads to the crash screen.

This is because runway 28 at TNCM is a GPS approach. GPS approaches do not take terrain into account.


any photos please?

Actually @Henrik, that makes sense. Because how are you going to put ILS beams on a beach?

26 is not the beach runway. 10 is the beach low approach runway and does have an ILS

No, it doesn’t have an ILS.

It’s runway 28 actually ;)

10 is either a VOR or VOR/DME approach. If you’re on the beach you can see airliners flying it.

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More like fly 50 feet overhead.

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