[Solved] What are these for?

On the Dash 8, there are these extensions. Anyone care to explain what they are?

Are these stabilizers?
If not, what are they?

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For lateral stability I assume.


They are called ‘strakes’. It improves the flight characteristics by creating a vortex and stabilising the aircraft.

Just a hot tip - You will learn a lot more by doing your own research rather than being lazy and posting on here. 99% of the ‘real world related’ responses you get on here will be wrong.


Bit harsh? And would that include your response too?


Google ‘strakes’ and let me know

I agree with you @Leodhasach
So what I’m hearing is something like a winglet

Pretty much. Those ones on the rear of the fuselage relate to the airflow onto the tail /horizontal stabilizers, rather than the airflow off the wing tips

Ok Thanks.
And please consider less harsh replies

Ill consider it. However, Im simply trying to let you know there’s other ways to go about it. You don’t need to post every single thought that goes through your head on here. You will not educate yourself taking the easy option and asking for others to do the work for you, especially when the majority of forum users would be teenagers who are new aviation enthusiasts who are also still learning, and don’t have the real world aviation experience.

I’m familiar with them on boats so I was happy enough with your definition. Just felt you were being a little harsh on the OP. There is nothing wrong with asking questions.

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I think that @Leodhasach also believes that was a little harsh.
No offense @Lare

I’m not the one accusing people of being lazy. So no, I don’t see my response as over-reacting. I’m trying to suggest a more measured approach would be better. The OP has posted a perfectly legitimate and reasonable post about the sim.

Guys please let’s go back on topic. This is not a fight to see who’s comments are harsh and whose are not

Question answered. Thread solved. Move on. It was meant as friendly criticism. Take it or leave it.


Stop this. C’mon
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