[Solved] TBM Front Gear Door Glitch

So there is a glitch on the tbm with the front gear door. Here are pictures. I dont mind it but it would be nice to be fixed.

Hi Haden,
What seems to be the issue?
I am unable to see anything in the image.

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I don’t see anything out of the ordinary…

I’m not seeing anything unusual… what’s the issue?

Top is the white blob o nthe front gear door



Oh, that is normal, I believe

I’m still not really seeing anything out of the ordinary… can you circle the issue please?

Are you sure that isn’t just the gear on the other side?

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Another glitch?

They aren’t lined up

I’m trying figure out what part you’re speaking of

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Oh yea just saw it, this might have something to do with the LOD system.

On the front gear door that’s hanging down there is a white patch. Top pic. None on the bottom pic.

It covers roughly half the door


I believe this is what you are referring to?

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No the front LANDING GEAR door that stays open while gear is down.

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As you zoom out some features of the aircraft may change as that’s part of the Level of Detail portion of the app that was implemented this year I’m guessing.

He’s referring to this:

Does it change if you increase your graphics settings? Or do you have everything on high?


The landing gear door is always open, no?

When the gear is down yes