[SOLVED] Random lag every 2-3 minutes

I’m not really sure if this is a “bug”, but I’ve been getting enormous lag every 2-3 minutes and it only improves a little bit when I switch my view to the outside locked one.

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Yeah it only happens when I’m on the HUD too.

The ipad 4.

Ok, now I can’t even use the HUD because the lag is just unbearable.

I have having terrible lag a few hours ago. Both with hud and all views.

I can’t reproduce it on my iPads 4, Air o Air2 I would suspect it’s probably connection related or device running low on system resources. Lag comes from low memory or when a connection slows. Lowering the number of aircraft displayed, and restarting the device without any other apps running helps.

Same, I get it often.

Yep, me too. Normally happens after a few different sessions on the app. As David says, close all apps and restart the device, it does work !

Try swiping up on the Page switcher to hide the map. That should improve performance substantially :)

It was just low memory, and it was resolved when I restarted my ipad. Thanks for the answers.