[SOLVED] Loading Issue

Hey there,

My Infinite flight doesn’t go further than the app starting screen. problem started today what’s wrong?

deleted and reinstalled the app but still the same issue. also restarted my device, same issue continues.


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May I ask what device do you use?

Apple iPhone 11

Is it updated to the latest software update?

Yes it’s updated to the latest software provided by Apple

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I also had this problem once, my solution was that I restarted my device but I get that doesn’t work for you. My friends also experienced this and they deleted other apps and games to free up space.

If that doesn’t work then a staff will contact you shortly with a good way to fix it.

106 down
50 up

Fiber internet

*XX in Mbps

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I have over 50% storage left on the device, I don’t know what’s going on. 2 days ago it worked fine.

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Have you done anything new to your device?

No, just daily use like what’s app and YouTube

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We found out the reason why it wasn’t working in a separate PM. The solution was to disconnect the internet and connect back. I am glad that it now works for you, enjoy!

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turned off wifi, started app, getting server error, re enabled wifi on my phone, loaded database and now I’m in the main menu. Thanks for the help!