(SOLVED)Live spawn bug

Just to point it out, whenever I try and spawn in live, my nose wheel is always in the grass or over the parking taxiway line. I don’t think this is realistic so I want this bug solved as soon as possible.
iPod 5g
iPad Air 2
iPhone 6s plus
IOS 9.0.2

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You mean that when you spawn your nose when is ahead of the stop lines at the gate right?

Yes, precisely.

Its not a really a bug though tbh its more like a feature is you ask me. This is up to you which topic it should be in ;)

Are you spawning a plane that is too big for the gate? If you try spawning an A380 at a gate that would normally handle a 737 in real life, the plane would obviously not fit in the spot. If the gate is positioned right by the grass, the nose gear of your plane would be resting in the grass in order to position the center of the plane with the center of the gate.

This the problem or is it something else?

If it is a different problem, please provide the name of your device and its operating system. Thanks :)

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No its ok i know what he’s talking about. Its basically the a330 in a 737 gate scenario. Its happens to a lot in the smaller airports

@Benny87654321 I am spawning in the Tom Bradley International Terminal which is meant for big jets, but it always seems to happen
picture of TBIT:

Are you sure about the gate your spawning in though?

Pls take picture, it would be very helpful to resolve.

A picture would be a good key in solving this problem, My suggestion would be checking your Aircrafts Load, that seems to effect the way your plane may be positioned.

Spawn points are set by the airport editing team, and the way planes spawn is by spawning where the center of gravity of each plane lines up with the actual spawn point. Most likely you’re using a plane too big for the spawn area.

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And solved

It says “TBIT gate 114” so I am pretty sure.

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Thank you, but I thought there would be a way to code this like "set “nose wheel” point "taxiway line end “TBIT gate 114”

I wonder if that’s possible… @carmalonso?

I am a basic coder, but that would be a lot more complicated than what I said.

Its basically a minor thing relating to the aircraft size and the relative parking spot. These get updated periodically, but there’s way too many to have them all, always be perfect. Without a specific location, terminal and gate details there’s not a lot anybody can do. It’ll improve in time.

Thank you.