(Solved) Landings not being added to account

This is my first time creating a new topic. I need some help because when I landed on my flight from OTHH - EVRA but somehow it did not count. Can you guys help me figure what’s wrong with my account and what the issue is. Thanks! :)

did you land directly on the runway? Seems like a Silly question but it won’t count landings anywhere besides a runway so maybe you landed near the runway and went back on. Have you also tried restarting your device to see if it would update?

I just figured out, tomorrow my subscription renews, and Infinite Flight already got my money. Maybe that could be that or maybe an issue with my account.

Your subscription has nothing to do with your landing count unless you flew on solo. Try restarting your device as sometimes these things take a little more time to register.

Ok, I’ll try and I’ll let you know if it worked.

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Ok, I restarted but it still didn’t register.

Were you flying online or solo? Solo landings will not count toward your stats for your account.

I was doing the flight online.

Ok when did this flight occur? How long ago? Sometimes the system still needs time to update but usually it updates on its own after an app restart

I landed like about an hour ago. I started the flight around early afternoon.

This sounds silly but on your initial touch down did you land on the actual runway or near the runway like on the concrete that can sometimes be next to the runway? It’ll only count as a landing if you landed on the actual runway.

OK, I landed on a TBM, and 1 landing counted.

I do 1 landing per day to keep up Grade 4.

Did all your wheels touch the runway?

Ok thanks. On that touchdown to land at EVRA did you land directly on the runway? Again it won’t count if you didn’t or landed besides it on the concrete that sometimes is around the runway.

Yep, all wheels touched down.

Ok, I think it’s solved. Thanks for the tips guys, and have a wonderful day!

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