(Solved) Issue Logging into Live


Could just be my bad internet, but anyone else having problems getting in to the sim?
I entered the app and it said my live subscription was up and I needed to renew, despite it not being finished till tomorrow. Then it sputtered and asked me to reconnect with Facebook, which I did, and it said this.

iPad Air 2

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This is not the first time it’s done it. Yesterday it also did it but after an hour went back t normal. Just curious if it’s my issues or if others have been having problems. Probably just me lol

Try restarting your device. If that fails deplete and reinstall the app then try to log back in. Also I just flew and had no issues leading me to believe that it is an issue on your part

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I’m having the similar issues and idk what’s going when I fly live

If it happened to you more than once in a short timeframe, it might be your wifi. This happened to me once, so it just reset my router, and that seemed to do the trick. Good luck!

If you think your connection is “bad” that would be the most likely cause. It might help your situation to turn off the device. Then unplug the modem and router. Wait 30 seconds and plug in the modem first. Wait for it to light up to a full connection status then plug in the wifi router. After the router also indicates a full connection, then turn the device back on and try logging into Live again. Often this process can help.


Tried it and worked. Thank you much David :)

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