[Solved] Event titles not allowed to be uploaded

Am trying to create an event, am using the correct format for the title and body of text, however when I go to create the topic it says “title is invalid, try to be a little more descriptive”. Have tried 10 different titles however keep getting the same message back which is a little frustrating! Think this is due to there being so many topics under events which has similar sounding category’s so either the rules need to be relaxed in that section or some of the closed events need to be deleted!

should this be under bugs?

title am trying to use is "AMSTERDAM GROUP FLIGHT @ EHAM 272000ZFEB16 IFWP SNF ". As I said have tried different combinations but no joy!

No, should be under #meta.


Try removing IFWP SNF too

yes all in Caps, tried both with and without the IFWP SNF bit, as well as different words to say fly with us in Amsterdam!

will try with out the caps

Works OK without the Caps!! thanks for help @dush19

We have a filter enabled that doesn’t allow all caps because it’s distracting and sort of “disrupts” the view on the homepage. Also, the IFWP SNF needs to be placed before the ‘@’ symbol, and don’t forget the ‘-’ between the ICAO and the time & date. I’ll explain why in the future.

Your title should look something like this:

[IFWP SNF] Amsterdam Group Flight @ EHAM - 272000ZFEB16

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Many thanks Sean,

didn’t think I was doing anything different from the other times that I had entered a event…but you live and learn! :)

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