[Solved] "Error authorising your account" log in issue

Hello guys, so for about a week now I’ve been having this issue when I try to log in. The issue is that when I sign into my account, it first says “Authentication is complete, close tab to continue” and then once I refresh it, it then says "Error authorising your account.

Video below can explain it all.


You should’ve posted it on the discourse forum.

Hmm yeh I’ll post it now.

The team at discourse said that this is an odd bug and that they will look into it and try to fix the issue.

This happens to me now too. I just have to re-type the website url. Very annoying!

Yup it’s very annoying

Safari 😖
Try Google Dawud

Already have. Unfortunately it’s the same scenario.

Nah I like safari better

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Chrome is really bad for smaller devices

Fix will be deployed to all discourse sites in the next few days. ;)

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