[SOLVED] Embraer Series Unpredictable

Hi, would like to report regarding rotation attitude for the Embraer jet series (E170, E175) that has frustrated me a little bit - it has been one of the worst in IF for my experience.

I have been using the same weight settings such as pax (zero), fuel (minimal), flaps 20 to practice for an upcoming short distance event (KIAD to KDCA) and have been doing so for almost half a month, daily.

Never, in all of my take-offs, that I achieved the same results. Either it won’t fly or sway somewhere else.

Just now it won’t take off and I knew I should’ve aborted, but thinking that it’ll just suddenly ascend sideways very late like it always does, I continued and veered off to a taxiway violation. It will not fly and this has been happening more than once.

I had previously tried other flap settings, use the rudder, different thrust levels even up to full thrusts and flaps, it will just veer off the runway or get to positive rate very, very late. Like a flying brick.

Please enlight me if I had missed something as my usual ride are the Boeing, MD, Bombardier and Airbus series (got no problems with these), otherwise it’d be great if you could take a look in case the Embraers need fixing. What’s worse than an unplayable plane is a broken plane that blocks the user his/her access to play (in case a violation causes a particular server ban) in my opinion.

My apologies if it turns out to be the pilot’s fault, I am very much anticipating for any sugestions.
Thanking you for your time and have a great week, cheers!


The Embraer series is unpredictable and needs a rework so you can go vote for a rework with the link down below!


This is true.

But since you’ve been practicing every day, you’d know that even the weather changes several times every day ;)

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Actually the Embraer aircraft still stand strong today, despite their outdated physics. I flew the E195 recently and had no issues.

Can we please have a replay of your flight? If you don’t know how to upload a replay, check this site out. The instructions are there.


They are a little outdated but they fly.
You probably had strong winds.

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Hi Maxim, sorry it took a bit long, here’s the replay link:

Thanks! :)


Haha yeah, but what clear weather pins down an empty plane from going up on full throttle and flaps? At least let me crash :D

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Thanks Shasaz55!

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Where you using the rudder ?

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@Flying_Pencil Yep, I did as always for this series, it always sways.

@Pilot_urp I just took another look on the replay, dunno if its accurate but its shows a headwind at 0 kts? Anyway, the problem is getting pinned down. Full throttle, full flaps, lightweight - but couldn’t fly, so I’m baffled. And then comes the taxiway violation, being baffled turns to being furious lol! :D

@CaptJJ bingo

You only have 1 engine on❗️❗️
Engine 1 is just relaxing while engine 2 is running hard.

That causes an imbalance which leads to that swaying. Now what I’m wondering is why this happening all the time. I hope it isn’t cause you fly with one engine on all the time…


If you have that much of a problem, just quit your flight. I know that was a really long taxi, but if you know you’re going to get a violation, just quit instead of going full send. Then go on Solo and figure out why that happened.

From my view, the yoke didn’t move and was fixed to the left, which would indicate that you either didn’t calibrate, or the more likely scenario that you accidently turned on the heading A/P. I’ve done this before, but never on takeoff roll because I check the hud at the bottom before taking off to see if I have free movement. That would make sense as to why you made a hard left on takeoff, that’s pilot error unfortunately and has nothing to do with the plane. Sorry that happened.

Edit: Engine #1 is also off, that is the issue.


Fixed yoke isn’t his A/P

When in replay mode, it oddly fixes the yoke. Captain’s side is to the left while FO is to the right.

I just tried it myself with his conditions and it’s indeed the engine problem.

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Very weird, nice catch.

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@Pilot_urp WOW!!! :) :) :)

Good catch detective, now I remembered pushing back with engine 2 and was busy setting up other parameters… That plane was always swaying though for weeks and when it finally did this and gave me a violation I guess situation just took the better of me.

Now I feel like switching IF on again after feeling bummed

Man… can’t believe it, it IS my fault after all…lol! :D

Me: Your plane’s broken
NTSB, leaning across the table: You only have 1 engine on❗️❗️

I wish I could give out a prize for this… (Hmmm new topic idea…?)
@pilot_urp @Sashaz55 @Maxim @Flying_Pencil @Ayush_Mathur @Trio @IFliPlanes Thanks for all your help guys!


I barely did anything but you’re welcome :), the IFC is all about helping people and enjoying yourself!


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