[SOLVED] Could someone control PHTO on Playground?

Quite a few planes approaching, no controller.

PHTO, right now on ATC Playground.

Approach or tower

Tower, please :)

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Someone already grabbed it

Ah, sorry.
I thought you got it :/

Thanks anyway :)

I’m connecting now

Have a go on approach?

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I hate when it says available but it’s not

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Same here, when I control.

Who had tower man they are screwing all my approaches up

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I was ground and tower control and then the wind changed making 03 and 08 the active runway but everyone was ignoring my pattern instructions and trying to land on 26

When the wind changed were you still vectoring people for 26

Yea on my screen it still showed 26 active along with 08 so I was giving them ILS approaches for 26

If the wind showed different to you I apologize

Oh ok I guess the app messed up somewhere but I had to leave because I am going shortly anyways

Yea I left to after I saw people coming in from all directions

If the runway was open to you there is no need to apologize, none of us where doing anything wrong according to our devices

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Someone tuned in to tower saying they were on final from miles away