[SOLVED] Contacting Approach or Departure?

Hello, I was wondering if you contact approach frequency when there is no departure frequency after taking off. And if you are inbound you and there was no approach frequency online would you contact departure frequency which is online? Please don’t laugh if this is an obvious question, I’m here to learn.

If Tower instructs you to contact Approach, do so. If Tower says “Freq change approved”, no need to contact Approach.


In IFATC, controllers coordinate on whether the approach controller is taking departure service as well. Although that’s usually the case, in heavy traffic, expect a frequency change approved. It’s not no need to contact approach, it’s do not contact approach.


Thanks for the reply!

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If there is no departure, I usually contact approach but don’t say anything on the frequency. I read the other transmissions to give me better situational awareness of where traffic will be, then once I’m a certain distance away I tune out of APPR freq.

If I’m inbound, and there is DEP but no APPR, I do the same method.

All of this would be subject to getting no other commands from tower or other ATC frequencies

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Thanks for the reply aswell!

Can a mod close this thread as the issue has been solved? Thanks.