(Solved) Chirp sound at idle while on ground

So I searched the forums for this topic but I couldn’t find anything (and hey, my first thread!) but I was curious to know what the small chirp sound indicates while I am taxiing. I’m thinking at low taxi speeds it signifies each 10 kt change? If I need to let you guys know what type of aircraft I’m in/what speeds I’m hearing it at I’ll go and explore and get back to you.
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Casey G.

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Yes please what aircraft? I haven’t noticed this.

Just tried it and heard it in the 737-800, it may have something to do with idle speed. Go into single player and accel to 40kts then let it cruise on idle speed. I haven’t been able to recreate the one on the runway though.

I think you are hearing the wheel sounds. They squeak. :)

Consider it solved then! It always sounded like a beep to me (just the tone that it was) but that makes more sense since I can only hear it at idle!

Great Idea
By taxiway are little jumping the plane and its better to add the jumping/sounds.