[SOLVED] Bought subscription without logging into my Google account


I bought one month subscription before logging in into my Google account. So now I have an level 0 account with premium an my Google linked account with nearly grade 3 an without premium.

I want to ask if you could transfer my subscription please.

Or a refund would be good also an if that would be no problem for you to cancel my subscription in infinite flight.

The order number is: GPA.3314-0551-3444-87084

I would be so thankful!

EDIT: I wrote an mail to support@infiniteflight.com and a very nice person named Sebastian helped me solve my problem within minutes!
Now I have premium on the account where i wanted it! :)

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Hi, I think @schyllberg would be the best help for this! :)

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Since you can not personal message anyone because of your trust level, I would wait about 1 hour for a reply to this on here and if he is not active then email support which is support@flyingdevelupmentstudio.com . :)

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Thank you so much!

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The email is support@infiniteflight.com

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Yea no problem bro :)

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there is two so either that or the one I did should work fine

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Oh right I haven’t heard of the one you said, IF Team usually say they should email the one I sent tho


Handled via email