(SOLVED) ATC Approach - Lost Frequency?

I was just on approach to St Marteen Julianna, and the ATC was guiding me in nicely. My last communication was turn left heading 080, drop maintain 4000ft. Which I acknowledged and executed. My next message from the tower was JORDY you’re in an active airspace. Please contact Approach"
However the only frequency available was Unicom tower. I didn’t know what to do, so I ended the flight before I got ghosted.
Has this happened to anyone before?

Put this in #live:atc

Apologies. Was so concerned with what happened I completely forgot to select a category

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Maybe they went offline after they sent the message?

Quite possibly. Didn’t think of that. Was too worried about being lost mid approach and being ghosted lol

Tyler was there…maybe he seen something I didn’t.


I was on approach. I briefly lost connection, and when I came back I sent guards so all aircraft would return to the frequency. It’s strange that you didn’t see me, and I’m sorry about that. Hopefully you’ll have better luck the next time you’re controlled by me :)


Thanx Nic. At least I know what happened now! You were doing awesome until you lost connection :)
Until next time!

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I had the same thing yesterday at KJFK, with approach, but I never quit and I never got ghosted, when I got the “active airspace message, contact approach”, I just checked in with the approach, and he rogered back

Don’t worry about getting ghosted, this happens all the time. :)

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