Solve doubt about Canadian callsigns

Hello people. I have a question and I want to clarify it. I recently saw that Canada has several types of license plates: “C-I” “C-F” “C-G” “CF-” What’s the difference?

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I believe most aircraft use either C-F or C-G; not sure there’s a difference between those two. C-H is for hovercraft and C-I for ultralights.


The Canada section of this Wikipedia post seems to explain it pretty well:

C-I: ultralights
CF: General (Vintage)
C-F: General
C-G: General (Tmk they ran out of C-F combos, take with a grain of salt)

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Additionally there is a document referenced in other official Canadian documents with the TP number tp11957 with a chapter 4 titled: Aircraft Identification. However I have not been able to locate it here: Aviation Publications

Any Canadians by chance live in Ottawa who can check about this document with transport Canada?

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