Solutions for App Related Issues on iOS and Android

OK, there seems to be many Users who suffer problems with IF App like:
-Connection Problems
-ATC Connection Problems
-Errors on renewing Membership
-Login errors
-Sound or Accelerator Problems

Thats why i dicided to write this Solution Tutorial

( i assume that the App is updated and ios on the newest )

CAVE: there might be an Problem in the newest version of Ios , read here:

Iphone App crashing on new IOS 9.2.1

Ok lets go:
First of all before we trying to do anything with our phones/ipads/ipods lets look for settings inside the app:

First of all…how do i get there:

Problem 1: I dont see other Planes in Live.
Nr 1: Check your Internet Connection
Nr 2: Put Airplanecount to High or very High

No Sound:


Problems with steering the plane:
Reset Accelerometer:

App crashing, glitches or jerking:
Depending on your Device:

  1. Close all other Apps running in the Background
  2. Free up some HDD space
  3. Make sure that you have established an good internet connection
    4: and this is the most important thing:

Cant login or cant renew Membership:

  1. Internet Connection established?
  2. Close and restart App ( full close) and try again

Thats all the stuff we can do first to solve those problems inside the App, now lets move to the steps what we can do on our device:

First off all, whatever Problem occurs, and you cant fix with the Hints given above, we trying this thing first:

1.Soft Reset
A soft reset is the first thing that everyone does to their iPhone when an app crashes every time they open it. The soft reset kills the apps and release the memory, thus giving you a fresh start.
Follow these steps to perform a soft reset on your iOS device :
Hold down the power button and the home button simultaneously
Do nothing even if any option comes up on the screen.
The screen goes blank and the iPhone shuts off. Do not release the buttons yet. The device will reboot and the Apple logo will show up.
Done! Now try opening the app again and see if it still crashes. Most of the times, it does work.

2.Reinstall the App from PC | Mac
If the first solution does not work for you, then you need to delete that app and install it again. But this time, you need to install it through iTunes, then transfer it to your device through syncing. Use the below given steps.
Delete the crashing app from the device.
Download the app in your iTunes.
Connect the device to your PC | Mac.
Sync the device so that the app gets installed successfully.
Disconnect your device after syncing is completed.
Restart the device and run the app.

If this to steps dont help you at all, there might be an problem inside your settings, to resolve this go:
Settings-General-Reset-Reset all settings
(never ever hit erase all content and data, this wipes the ipad clean…Problem if you didnt Backup your Device before!!!)

Than try again.

Didnt help? Than we have the last step, whats solve 90% of the most problems.

A Fresh start:

Do a full factory reset! Backup your Pad via itunes , than hold sleep and standby button while still connected to itunes via cable, hold it to u see this picture:

Then itunes will tell you it has found an divice in recovery mode.
Set it up as a new device, dont use backup. After everything is done load the game and try. If it works, reset ur phone from backup and try the game again. If it doesnt work there is an error in the backup… If it doesnt work nor on fresh or backup…well feel free to post your topic, and we will try to help you out.

Android Stuff:

Soft Reset

The Soft Reset is the easiest reset to perform on a mobile phone. To Soft Reset a phone is to simply power cycle the device, to power it off and then to power it back on.

How to do a Soft Reset

Some phones have a restart option which will allow the phone to power off and power back on by itself. Some older phones may only offer the power off or power down feature and the phones operator will have to power the phone on manually once it’s completely powered off.

What the Soft Reset does

The soft reset can actually solve many simple problems on mobile phones, especially when the phone has been on for a long period of time and has not been power cycled for a while.

Issues that can be solved by performing a Soft reset include and are not limited to:
Not receiving messages, both text and picture messages.
Cannot receive calls.
Cannot make calls.
Lag or sluggishness.
Not receiving emails.
Cannot send files.
Audio issues.
Incorrect settings.
Incorrect time being displayed.
Responsive issues with touch screens or when navigating the phone.
Network related issues.
Minor software related issues.
And many more minor issues can be solved by Soft Resetting a mobile phone.
A Soft Reset DOES NOT delete anything from your mobile phone and causes no loss of information from the device.

Tips about Soft Resets

Soft Resets are the FIRST step in trying to resolve phone related issues, on both standard and basic phones as well as smartphones, and can solve many types of software related problems.

When performing a Soft Reset I recommend that the phone remain powered off for at least 10 seconds before it is powered back on.

It’s never a bad idea to get into the good habit of powering off your mobile phone for a few minutes at least once every few days. This can help contribute to a nice, happy, and efficient working cell phone.

Hard Reset

What is a Hard Reset?

A Hard Reset reverts a phone to its original settings and a clean OS (Operating System) removing all data and information added to the cell phone by the mobile phone user. In essence a Hard Reset erases everything from the phone and puts the phone back to like new condition as though it’s brand new right out of the box.

How to perform a Hard Reset
The steps involved when trying to perform a Hard Resets are going to depend on what type of cell phone you have, what operating system is currently running on the mobile phone, the make and model of the phone, and what version of software is installed on the phone.

Not all phones are Hard Reset the same way.
For example Android phones have many different types of Hard Resets available depending on the make and model of the phone itself. Most Android phones can be Hard Reset by holding a certain key combination such as holding the volume down and power key for 15-20 seconds then releasing those keys and then using the volume keys to navigate and highlight the Hard Reset option then using the power key to make the selection. This comes in handy if you forget your password or have a serious software related issue that’s causing your touch screen to be non responsive.

If you’re looking to do a Hard Reset on your cell phone, **there are simply too many phones and to many methods available to list the instructions for every Hard Reset for every mobile phone In this Tutorial **. Simply doing a Search on your favorite search engine should allow you to locate instructions for your specific phones make and model.

Don’t forget what a Hard Reset does
Remember that a Hard Reset erases all personal data from the mobile phone. Make sure to backup everything that you don’t want lost or deleted before performing the Hard Reset.

This is often the LAST resort in troubleshooting and a Hard Reset is a VERY POWERFUL tool that can solve most software related issues on a phone including but not limited to:
Fixing corrupted software.
Removing viruses
Fixing glitches
Reverting unwanted Settings
Removing bad applications
Removing anything that has been changed or added to the phone that can or is causing it to respond or act incorrectly (a Hard Reset removes everything but the OS).

Tips about Hard Resets
The Hard reset cannot be undone. BACKUP EVERYTHING if possible before performing a Hard Reset, if you don’t then that information is going to be lost forever.

Remember that a Hard Reset is typically the last resort in troubleshooting a mobile phone. If a Hard Reset doesn’t fix the issue and that issue is causing the cell phone to not function properly then the next step is often looking into your other options available when a phone cannot be fixed which includes looking into replacement options.

Reset to Factory Settings
Android devices make it easy to return your phone to factory settings. To do so, go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset.

If you can’t access your settings for some reason, you will need to reset your device in Recovery mode.

To boot into recovery mode, make sure that the device is powered off, then follow these instructions:

1.Hold the Volume Up and Power button simultaneously (for Samsung Galaxy devices, hold Volume Up + Home + Power)
Hold the button combination until you see the word Start (on Stock Android). Samsung devices will load straight into recovery – release buttons when you see the Android logo
2.Use volume buttons to scroll to “Recovery” and press the Power button to select it
3.If you see “No Command”, hold the Power button and press the Volume Up button once
4.Use Volume Down to scroll down to “wipe data/factory reset” and press the Power button to select it
5.Select Yes the same way

I tried my best for Android ( Big thanks to ICoffeeCat)

Note: Please be aware that Jailbreaks and Rooted Phones, can interfere with the game, for example any iap cracker you use to “buy” planes or terrains inside the app can lead to an not reversible ban from Live!!!

Some solved stuff:

App crashes when contacting ATC

cant go up or down and cant steer left or right

I can’t login into my Account

Well thats all for now, if somebody has more ideas or find an mistake PM me and i will put it inside…

Cheers 🍻


One more thing on soft reset to get rid of clogged ram (works on my iPad and iPhone) Hold power button until slide to turn off then hold home button till appears on home screen. Device should then be running faster and apps (including infinite flight) won’t crash

Thats exactly the same procedure, just in another row…same effect as well, but easier to accomplish when you just hold two buttons…

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Outstanding, and Android sequence is practically the same.

I’d like to add that a lot of people have had problems like this with a variety of Applications specifically because of “3rd party memory managers/task killers” on the Android Platform. The simple deactivation and uninstallation of these type apps solves 100% of those issues. Of course the backlash is they don’t have enough memory because of too many background services from visible widgets to background monitoring - such as malware scanners and social connection readiness and synching. If one wants absolutely as much “On Demand RAM” as possible then the solution is simple …

  1. Use an absolutely zero feed black wallpaper, ie all pixels are off.
  2. Do not use any widgets.
  3. Do not use massive aggressive malware/antivirus programs, instead use two step authentification in all appropriate places. PM me if you’re curious about this suggestion.

This application, on this hardware which is 64bit and OS which is 64bit Android 6.0.1 MMB29R and resolution 2.5k at 60fps standard output, only requires about 300MB available RAM and occasionally can peak at about 400 while only using less than 2MB for ZRam (Android Runtime has available 192MB as heap for ZRam) so it’s not the memory hog as such its all the other stuff that overloads the device. Hope this helps. I’m a registered Developer for Android.

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Would you care to pm me the best sequence for android? Since i never use android i dont know much about it, i would include in the tut☝️, giving credits to you off course, mayby some troubleshooting for it if you know…

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Basically, all the in app variables you suggested are not different from the Android release … all the reboot, clear cache n data, uninstal and reinstall options are the same, and selection options are located in the same places … Only thing I would be more specific about is … Soft reboot is when charger is plugged in, hard reboot is when device charger is not plugged in. Factory Reset of the OS is a last resort of course. Could add that if another Sim or graphics intensive application works then it’s something about the app itself, if the same thing occurs with another similar type app then it’s something to do with either or both the device and/or operating system.

I’ve fixed big problem tonight


Thanks man, included Android, pls do a quick readover its fine or not.

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Four times in a row for me.

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Really nicely done and with good explanations. Attention to details go along way. Thanks for letting me participate 😎

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What advantages does ‘Anti-Aliasing’ provide? - should I enable it?

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It makes your planes less-pixelated. More info here


Got it…thanks for that @dush19

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God question:

Anti aliasing enables the reduction of zigzaggy lines mostly on angled lines. Can cause lag on some devices and is only available in Developers Options, enabled by tapping on build number for about 7 times.

I think he meant the in game option😉

Thank you for your helpful responses @iCoffeeCat and @anon43874684, I now understand the function of AA.

I’m currently running IF on iPad Pro and the graphics quality is still quite decent with AA disabled, think I’ll leave it disabled if enabling it will interfere with device performance.

Iam pretty sure your Ipad Pro can handle the AA easily, my air 2 dont have any problem with it, this mostly makes problems on older devices , like ipod 4, ipad 2 and 3, or older android devices, so dont be afraid, enable it for better experience

I’ll give it a go, thanks again.

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And …did it work?

Hi Jack, yes, it’s working like a dream with AA enabled, as well as improving the quality of the graphics, it has also improved the ‘fluidness’ of the animations running on the iPad Pro.

Thanks for suggesting to enable it!..I was a bit sceptical about turning it on at first.

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