Solution to not being able to connect to the Infinite Flight Live Server [iOS]

Hi Everyone,

I’ve put this in the tutorial category because for a while, myself and many others have been receiving several messages about failures to connect to the Server. After a long time of getting feedback from developers, I have found a solution to the issue.

The cause of the issue:
Home networks sometimes if overloaded or throttled (bandwidth wise) can struggle to connect to DNS Servers. DNS servers are defaulted though our internet routers to be identical to the IP Address of the router.

By changing the DNS to Googles Default DNS Number ( this changes your DNS but keeps your routers IP, which Dosent effect anything negatively.

This works across all Apple devices, I’ve done several tests of my own, I do not know if this will work for Android devices. But I hope someone will test this for android if they are having issues of they’re own.


This Message is the most common notification that something is wrong, and it can last hours.

So here’s how we fix the problem.

  1. Open “Settings”
  2. Click on the “Wi-Fi” Tab
  3. The network your connected to should have a tick, click on the “i” icon

    Notice the Router and DNS IP Address’ are identical at this point
  4. You will want to clear the DNS Address
  5. Enter googles default IP (
  6. Open infinite flight

    Now the issue should be resolved

As above, I’ve tested this many times a short while ago, and it worked fine for me. If anyone has this issue, and it Dosent solve the problem, please DM me immediately.

Please also note this issue is not a Internet Connection Failure, if your internet is down, and recieve the same message that is a different issue, however, if it’s not down, and you can’t connect, try this. Please do not confuse these two seperate issues.


Thank you for this Lachy !

I’ve been having similar issues to you and the next time I experience it, I will definitely try this !


Great tutorial. I have troubles with connecting because of my joystick sometimes. I’m gonna see if this works at school because whenever I log on there I join and it starts connecting then stops.

Just remember your school network will be like mine in that they have full control of restrictions, so if your change it, it might effect your connection to the schools DNS when connected to their private network but idk tbh.

My school only blocks inappropriate websites. I think this might help fix connecting to IF though. If it doesn’t work I’ll just change it back to he previous DNS ;)

Why is this in developer?

All schools do, but they don’t block outbound DNS like that ;)

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I’ve been in discussions for months with them about this, but if it can be moved to a more appropriate area I have absolutely no issues with that 👍

Wait so it might work?

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It should work fine unless a large group of people at your school have been playing IF during class and teachers have requested it be blocked by the IT Dept. :)


No one at my school buys it because it costs money. No games are blocked except

1 Like, Happy Wheels just to name a two of the many games blocked at my school haha

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Well surely Infinite Flight isn’t popular amongst everyone in school so yea hahaha


Not where I am there is me and someone else and that’s it xD

At my school almost every game site is blocked except .net ones and
So, it means I can browse the Forums and play IF at school? Wow!

Just use a VPN to bypass your school’s network restrictions!


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Apparently my school even blocks the vpn!

It didn’t work. Just cut off my wifi.

Only use that when i leave the U.S :P really helps when countries block Netflix ;)