Solution if you cant hear the APU on the 757 and 777 ( ios devices )

so as many of us know some people cant hear the APU running , I’ve found a way to fix this , its simple and quick

restart your device and just simply start playing infinite BUT make sure you choose what aircraft you want to fly because if you fly the 777 and then after fly the 757 you wont hear the APU no longer . So after using the 757 or the 777 restart you device again and start infinite flight again

I know this all sounds difficult but all it is just reset your device and after resetting your device start playing infinite flight

i don’t know if this works on android but i know it works on iPads , iPhones and iPods

safe flight everyone :)


Are these the only two aircraft where you can hear the APU? I’ve never heard the APU in any aircraft equipped with it. I’ve always thought it would be nice to here that when I’m cranking it up.

Man this really sounds like the solution in one of those clickbait YouTube videos haha.


Yes, the 777 Family and the 757-200 are the only aircraft you can hear the APU in. Other families such as the A320 and 737 families have the APU in the game, but do not have any noise/sound packs.

The APU in the 757 is not meant to be as loud as the 777. In real-life the 757 has quite the faint sound for an APU. The APU sound should not be overpowering. If you have issues hearing it, ensure the device volume and the volume under Settings > Audio are both on, and at an adequate level for you to hear the APU.

Additionally, going into a free cam and placing it at the rear of the aircraft will get you a more profound sound of the APU because that is where it is located at in the aircraft.

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its annoying that the a320 and 737 dont have the APU sound packs and a350

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