[Solution Found] Xcub glitch or going crazy

So, I was flying around KBOS in the Xcub. After I landed, I lost control of the plane and I was flipped over upside down. Then I released the brakes and put throttle on max, and the plane went crazy! I have the video and i dont know how to include it here but I can upload it in a site and you can see. If you have any questions or need more information, let me know!

link for the video: https://youtu.be/aIyMWNe3S9E

Note: Video will not load without the link.

“The Matrix Part Cub”

Jokingly, of course.

On a serious note, it looks like the app just lost your positioning for a second in the replay so that why you were catapulted into the air.


This has happened to me before. What he said ^

I tried to recreate the problem and it flipped over but I did receive the message that says crashed.

Honestly, after having an incident like this it’s best to just end the flight as soon as possible and then try again. Best to learn the mastery of aircraft on Casual Server too this way you don’t receive violations.

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Yeah, I kind of realized in the meantime my plane was going crazy, I received about 20 notifications in span of 2 seconds. So I just decided to land and end it. Unfortunately, crashed as my Xcub landing skills are still getting better but definitely bad as of right now lol

No worries at all. We all started somewhere. The best pilots are born after mastering the fixed wing aircraft. You’ll get there 😎

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I’ve been playing this game for 4 years and right when I become a pro at landing, IF is like here you go, Xcub and new update on instruments working on xcub and a320 series lol…like bro…c’mon xD

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