Solution for topography at 60th parallel north and south

Hi guys,

As you know, while IF global has HD satellite imagery for the entire world now, the topography of the globe (hills, valleys, mountains) above the latitude of 60 degrees North and below 60 degrees south of the equator is completely flat because the data is not available to the dev team. This means we experience for example places like Norway as a surface flat like the ocean which is unfortunate since the country has beautiful fjords that pilots could explore. It also means the natural wonders of places like Iceland cannot be completely replicated in 3D. How to solve this?

My proposal probably requires tremendous effort (maybe beyond reason), but I wanted to throw the idea out there. Sites like google earth and google map (and even traditional maps) provide data for the existence of different hills and mountains and surface levels in regions all over the globe.

I think it would be awesome and unbelievable if IF is able to use this data, to essentially completely render the missing topography from scratch by constructing it on their own. In simpler terms, it would be great if IF could draw out the missing hills, mountains and valleys and render them in 3D in the sim with the help of different maps.

Let me know what you guys think! I think this is one way to overcome the problem of flat surfaces above 60 degrees north and 60 degrees south. Let’s make our dreams come true and bring the Norwegian fjords into the sim, somehow.

I don’t this could be implemented as custom topography for even a small region like Innsbruck takes incredible effort and time. If this could be implemented it’d be great. Also, even google maps doesn’t have topography in some parts of Antarctica and northern Norway.

So you’re saying that they should use the data from google earth? Well, in that case, they will need to buy it from them and I assume it would cost a lot IF it is even possible

Again i’ve said this before, adding stuff like that will cost them lots of money, even after getting their hands on it, the streaming costs of it and such will be more as more data would have to be streamed, on top of the cost for obtaining the data

Would they need to stream it if the topography was drawn by them, making it possible for the data to be downloaded to everyone’s device without streaming? Or does it just get complicated technically when if they only streamed parts of the globe on the server.

There’s a reason you need internet/data to play. You load the world in as you go. It’s not all loaded in. Thus they’d need to stream it.

Google earth is an idea, and my least favorite one. They could just completely redo it themselves using traditional maps too. I know it sounds somewhat crazy, but I just wonder how else we could get topography in these areas.

IF does have the ambition to make it possible to play offline one day though.

Pretty hard… The size of the game would be massive for a phone device really

This might sound too optimistic but IF global sounded unreal 5 years ago. So who knows. Phones will get more powerful for sure. And maybe we’ll all have more money idk.

This sounds like you would have to purchase from the Google Imagery Sales Program. I know you can buy satellite imagery, but I do not know if it is even possible to buy topography from them. However, I am nowhere close to an expert on buying imagery and topography, so don’t quote me :)

This wouldn’t be a streaming issue or a money issue. Its more of whether that data is actually available.

Not communicating on it doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about a solution.

I think features request like this aren’t needed as they clearly stated their intentions : from the blog

“We are currently looking at new datasets that will include the missing data. This can often be tricky due to the fact that the data may be hundreds of gigabytes in size. Once it’s available and processed, we’ll be able to stream it straight to your devices. Until then, sorry, glacier hunters. Your expeditions will have to wait.”

I’ve read that before, thanks for the reminder. But I’ve been hearing that this data is not available. So I suppose they’re looking at different sources to get the data.