Solution for global server issue?

Hello guys as is was stated multiple times before, looks like when you don’t have a good connection in a moment the global server goes wrong.

So it happens to me very often as I always fly on another device with internet connection sharing. I have a good internet on my main phone but I sometimes use internet ressource when I use my main phone. That means ressources are going bad for global server images download but instead of being always red and not able to land, could FDS technically put something that help global server running again and try to connect more often?

And another thing I was wondering. Why can I have satellite images when I fly in a region that should be in my cache? Does cache runs only to store imagery during flight ?

Thanks for your help guys.
I am looking for discussing improvements about how we could het scenery back without quit flights

Main phone, internet source : iPhone 6S+ iOS11.2.5
« IF » phone, : iPhone 6 + iOS 11.2

I’m a little unsure about what you’re asking here… Are you requesting a feature, or are you asking for support with an issue

What I can make of this is that you have a weak internet connection, and therefore your global server connection drops frequently. But the rest.of it…

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I am talking about issue that could be resolving in a second manner than just « exit flight » or « waiting for global server back running before the landing :) »

I’ve put it to Support because it’s not directly a feature r question but mainly interrogations about how this issue can be resolved better.

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If you’re looking for a way to prevent the terrain not loading, the only option there is to go into settings - general - clear cache
Otherwise, if you’ve completely lost connection, you will not be able to reconnect. As most people don’t fly using a WiFi hotspot, the app is developed to run on higher quality network’s, such as direct mobile data or WiFi.

Because of the streaming nature of the simulator, it downloads the scenery in the local area on the loading phase, but you wouldn’t be able to permanently store the files.

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I wouldn’t say this is a general issue.

Reason for this is because if the app loose connectivity, it can set up a new connection. This works quite well and have been tested quite extensively. I’ve killed all connectivity on my devices while flying a lot of times, for longer time periods and have been able to set up a new connection again without issues.

In your case, i’d say it’s something hotspot related killing the set up…


I should haven’t done that now, my app crashed.
So other thing, does free space on device have an impact on it? Because it ain’t remain a lot… I should clear cache before every session

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Doesn’t making IF live server offline for a long time make the app crash ?

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It shouldn’t, no.

Free space is something you mentioned though, that can definitely cause issues if you’re running low. The imagery cache is somewhere around 200MB, then your device could be using a bit of the storage to extend the RAM (SWAP)… hence we always recommend having at least 1GB available.


This is surely the reason. Space is now 16GB for 16GB… have to make some cleaning. Thanks for the help