Solo without Internet

Im planning to do a flight from VABB to TTPP overnight in solo, however, there’s going to be a storm tonight and my internet may be wiped out at a certain time, will this mean that if I leave my device running with no internet, the flight will be discontinued?

Negative. You’re flying on solo.

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You need internet to load the scenery so most likely you will not be able to fly. You always need to maintain a strong connection to fly or else the game might crash.


Also, will those flight hours and XP get added to my live gradebook?

It will be added as to what you fly. Your flight time and XP will be added up to the point where you crash. So if you need to fly for 20 hours, but crash at 18 hours, what you earn in the 18 hours will be added.

Although your fling in Solo so you wont get any XP.

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Okay thanks, a moderator can close the topic now.