Solo weather affecting multiplayer?

Yesterday, I did some final approach solo’s, and put wind velocity maximum at 97kts, was just playing around, now I’m flying multiplayer, approaching Doha, and it says 97kts, and my ground speed is as low as 111kts, airspeed 220kts, and I’m the only one who’s seems to have such low ground speed?

Very weird, is that even possible?!

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Check the icon in the top right - is it green?

Yes it was, and I just landed at DOH. Could see everyone and they saw me too. The ATC even commanded me to maintain best forward speed, while I was flying at 258kts, 130ish kts ground speed.

While on final, around less than 1,500ft, it all went away and my ground speed increased dramatically, it was extremely awkward.

If the weather information is not available when you switch from solo to multiplayer you will have the weather set on solo until you receive the weather data (METAR) when on multiplayer.

It’s still weird it stucked that long at 97 in a multiplayer session

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I see! I guess I’ll never leave it at 97kts again lol.

I always have the reverse problem.

Lets say I openca solo flight and do a short final. The initial aporoach speed is around 125-130 (for A320 for instance).

After doing a multiplayer flight on ES, if i come back to solo, my appr speed is 100.

Tried to clear cache but no luck. I had to reinstall the app.

It seems there is a glitch or interference between solo and multiplayer

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I should make some test but when I was in solo mode, once I got an unsolicited weather change when approaching airport. I wonder if it was automatic or just a glitch

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Hi, I have a question:

Are you sure this wasn’t simply a coincidence (just happened to be the same multiplayer winds at the time)?

I went flying at DOH yesterday, and there was low double-digit winds at the surface which progressed up to just over 90kts somewhere around or above 20,000 ft or so.

This is not inconsistent with your comment:

Hi EGhossein, solo mode does retain the last multiplayer winds as the constant setting. You have to manually change it to zero if that’s what you want, or any other desired new constant setting (I’m assuming this is still true). If I understood correctly?

Even if i put the wind to 0 the appr speed in solo is messed up. (in short final mode). I have to reinstall the app to reset approach speeds

Yes, I’m sure it wasn’t a coincidence because every other plane around me had a much much higher ground speed, despite my IAS being 258.
I was down to 111GS, whereas everyone around me was flying at at least 150GS or greater, with presumably lower airspeeed.

The ATC even instructed me to fly faster, but I couldn’t. This is where I checked everyone else’s speed and realized the issue.

Ok, thank you.

About what altitude were you at with the 97kts approaching Doha, and what server?

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