Solo server don’t wanna charge

Hey ! Ik dev are working hard but this not the same problem.

Has I’m on IG I do livery Photoshop and I wanned to take a Shot with the E190 Generic livery and it’s still charging.
(Like I cant sapawn I’m stuck on the loading screen)

I restarted my phone and IF and still not working :/
Hope we can resolve this problem !
Thx a lot


I’m having a similar problem too… can’t spawn at airports that I haven’t spawned at before.

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Yeah that what I was thinking, I wanned to spawn at Tel Aviv

Have you tried restarting your phone or reinstalling the app? This usually fix most problems. Keep in mind reinstalling the app will delete all of your replays

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Yeah I’ll try now

DingDing Working Thx a lot !

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