Solo Mode XP Points

Hi this is my very first topic so bear with me. I’ve been playing Infinte flight for the past three years. I’ve only had live for the last month or so. I was wondering if any one would like the idea if you got points in solo mode. Maybe you could get a couple of XP points for flight time or landings. This would help users like me who know how to fly but are stuck on TS1 until you get egnough XP.


No. Mainly because the whole point of XP is experience on line. It’s ment to teach ATC skills to people who don’t have them, and will result in people flying on expert who don’t deserve it


Yes I see your point there, but maybe you only could earn a 10,000 max in solo mode because you have still reached the flying requirement then you just have to learn atc.

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XP means expieeience points. XP shows how much expierience you have had on live mode while violations are enforced and there is active ATC. If there was XP for solo it would reward people who just fly fighters at 1,000 knots. Which is fine in solo if you want to do it, but does not measure experience.


Yes I see your point but, at least some of the flight time should be counted. Over my summer break daily I would fly LA to San Diego maybe if you don’t exceed 350 above 10,000 and don’t go over 250 below 10,000 I think you should be awarded some points.

Since solo mode is offline I don’t think that would be possible

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Sorry bro.

*Gotta pay to play. Metaphorically, and literally. And financially.

*Earning XP, even with a cap, without any sort of peer accountability, it’s counterproductive for not only yourself in developing your airmanship, but also to your fellow pilots and ATC’s. May as well just give you the 10K up front and call it a day.

See you up there, and hope to hear more creative ideas from you. :)



I think you still get landings counted in solo though.

Hmm, maybe landing counts toward your grade but it doesn’t earn you XP?

That’s what I meant, it only adds landings. But I think it already does this, because when I got live, I already had 200 landings